My Experience with Sciatica SOS - Is it a Scam?

Review of Sciatica SOS - Is it a Scam?

Sciatica SOS

I have suffered from sciatica for a long time. In fact it has been so long that I do not even remember when I first started suffering from sciatica. I can tell you this, that it is a wildly painful experience, and I had to endure it for many many years. Up until recently, I came across a system that promises a lot about treating sciatica. It is called SciaticaSOS™ and the program comes in the form of an e-book published by Glen Johnson, a person who also suffered from sciatica for over two years.

I have tried many treatments for my sciatica over the years, and a quick glance at SciaticaSOS™ shows that it is an alternative method. By alternative, I do not necessarily mean that it is bad but it is just an at typical method for treating sciatica. The e-book advocates using a very old Nepalese formula to treat sciatica. Based on sources given by Glen Johnson, the natural herbs recommended by the manual seems to work very effectively for a very large number of people. In fact, the whole population in Nepal, India and some parts of Asia seem to use it almost every day to treat their sciatica. But not only sciatica, which is the same term, but they also use it to treat general back pain, quite effectively I might add.

Based on what I read about SciaticaSOS, Glen Johnson uses a mixture of herbs and exercising techniques to strengthen muscles and tendons around the back region so that they can fight sciatica back. This is a quiet effective technique. Think about it! You are using your own body to fight a condition that is causing you pain. Instead of resorting to external aids like medicines which we are all accustomed to.

The author also says that rest is crucial in fighting sciatica. He gives a lot of tips about getting the best of sleep while you suffer from sciatica. We all know that with sciatica pain, finding a good nights sleep is almost impossible. I still remember nights when I roll all over my bed desperately trying to find a few hours sleep. It is an impossible condition. So I think that Glen Johnson hit the nail on the head when he starts by promoting sleep, which I believe is the first step you should do before trying to treat sciatica.

His exercises are also very good ones, boosters that I have not really seen online. He uses a few variants of the methods we are accustomed to when treating sciatica. They are generally light movements that will do more good than harm. Remember that when you suffer from sciatica, you must not become bed ridden. The more you lie down, even if it eases the pain, the longer you will suffer from sciatica. So a little bit of effort is advised.

SciaticaSOS is in itself a very short manual, mostly at guideline. However, it delivers a lot of insight on sciatica, and new ways at treating the condition, ways that I am sure will impress you. It is quite an impressive e-book to be fair. If you are like me, and you need every tool in your arsenal to fight sciatica and get rid of it forever, then Glen Johnson's SciaticaSOS is definitely a good read.

You will learn tremendously from it, both from the point of view of a sciatica sufferer but also from a medical standpoint. Coupled with this, the program shows you a highly effective and very Eastern way of treating sciatica which I am sure you will love.

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