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6 Powerful Tips For Catering Office Lunches

Catering office lunches might not be as easy. When you are in charge of catering office lunches, everything might seem a little whacky and mucky, especially if it’s your fist time. Besides, that might not be the only task on your plate. Plus, considering the diversity in the workplace, planning for such events might feel like an addition to the weight you are already struggling to balance. If this is something you are about to do, here are some few tips you might find useful.

Consider personal preferences

Everyone is different Some foods go well with some and not so well with others. Even worse, some of these foods can cause severe allergic reactions to some of your colleagues. Show some love to your colleagues by inquiring about these allergies and tolerances in advance. Then order special food for these individuals. That will show consideration on your part. For others, it’s simply a matter of preference, or diet. This is totally allowed. However, priority should be given to the life threatening allergies. But that doesn’t mean you have to totally overlook other people’s preferences.  Go for healthier options generally, but make them fun. Do not forget about hand sanitizers, mints and wet wipes. You need to have them on the ground. You might think they are not so important, but they are truly thoughtful gestures. Your coworkers will highly appreciate them.

Establish a specific head count

So you emailed everyone about this event?  They surely must be looking forward to this event. Show some respect for your colleagues. You don’t want to them to get there only to find that food has run out. That would be petty embarrassing and inconveniencing and should never happen.

Make sure you have the correct figure of the number of people expected to be present at the event. Where possible, confirm with each one a day before, and then place the orders. It’s better to have leftovers than running out of food.

Set everything up early

Where will the lunch be held? Think about the people who will be in attendance.  And prepare the venue with that information in mind.  Thevenue will help you determine the type of tables and chairs to set up. The specific head count will determine the most appropriate venue that can host them. Either way, everything still needs to be pleasing to the eye. Starting early will enable you put all these matters into consideration.

Throw in some bit of creativity

Yes, you heard it right. What season is it? Think about anything special happening around that time and utilize that. Make it a themed lunch, and add a few decorative elements to the food. Why not ask your toronto catering specialist for recommendations?Remember, as much office lunch act as energizers and mood boosters, they are also present good opportunities for interactions. So, anything that adds more fun to the event is always good. However, do not go to the extremes. Also,  slow with the decorations. Have in mind that this is still an official event and it ought to be treated as such. But, the bottom line is, be that person who lightens their coworkers’ day even for just that one day.

Give comfort a priority

When setting up tables and chairs, focus on creating enough space. The last thing you need is the ugly scenario where coworkers engage in unprovoked fork and fist fights while savoring their delicacyor worse having to hold their plate on their lap.  That’s pretty unsavory, at best.

Besides, when catering for the whole office, lay food out in an open space and in a way that the line will flow smoothly. Do not make themwait for too long. And, in cases where the tables have to be set up in the conference room, the tricky is: place them opposite the presentation area. That way, going back to refill their plates will feel more comfortable and impressively, less distractive.

Timing is everything.

Don’t provide dinner for lunch. If it’s a lunch, let it remain as such, a lunch.  Your colleagues have tones of things to accomplish within the 8 to 5 grind. Do not be the reason they can’t finish up work in time. Make good use of the designated lunch time. Do not cut into your boss’time. Ensure everything is ready by the time they break for lunch and that no delays are made. The sooner they get their plates cleared the sooner they get back their stations. Since juggling the two can be quite hectic, you can try this productivity hack: packing food in individual’s lunch bags. This  will help make the line shorter and allow for time  for the workers to get consumed into their own activities.

It doesn’t matter when your company does this. Whether catering office lunches is an everyday task or just a once in every blue moon affair, carefulplanning will always make the event a success.