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Welcome to my brand new site!

Hi everyone,

I finally got around to setting a website up, thanks to the person that recommended I use all4webs, we now have an official site with which I can update by myself, it's pretty easy to do so even for someone who doesn't understand all this "website" business, I will get my designer to post this up on Twitter for you all to take a read and see what you think, I am hoping to keep this site updated on a weekly basis and keep you posted with all the new things going on.

For now I will just post up some new things I found and talk about some of the latest product launches I seen, there has been plenty coming lately and some of the rods and reels are a fairly decent sized improvement on the last offerings, although 2017/18 was a pretty quiet season we are starting to see it pick up again now.

It's a shame sometimes that we see the same faces at the local spots because our sons are no longer interested in joining us but what can you do, times change and as a result we have to change with them, lately I've been focusing on getting out into the boat more often and fishing at sea, just got myself a brand new savings account so I went and dipped into to get the brand new Savage sandeel - what you do guys think? >

Also really enjoying the new Camo boat from fox, bit on the expensive side for me but maybe someone will buy it for my birthday haha, take a look and see the price here: - bet you didn't expect that did you!

I am hoping some day to finally be able to get a group started on Facebook for our little network but for now you need to use this site for all the latest news, I've spoken to Mark about getting a blog set up and asked if I could just send him the updates to post but he said I should be able to do it myself so we are using this now to see how I get on, I think I'll probably post up my favourite articles on here and then use my blog for really long postings or just more personal posts.

I found a few great FB groups in the mean time if you want to join them, I am a member as well, have a look at these

I have been browsing more on Youtube aswell and found some nice videos, take a look at the one below:

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