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Why Having A Facebook Business Page Is Important.

Over the years, Facebook has become an important platform for business growth. If you look at the business websites, either small scale or large scale business, you will notice that they always have a link to their Facebook page. Why? Why Facebook became such an important platform for the business organization? Well, let’s figure out. Out of 10 people, 8 of them are active on Facebook. Out of the 8 users, at least 2 of them are interested in your business. Now, there are 1.8 billion users and growing with every passing day. Now do the math and you’ll get why I’m trying to put together here.

          Importance To Have A Facebook Business Page

 There are plenty of reasons to have a Facebook business page and below, I’m going to shortlist some of them.

  • Great Response- Facebook has a huge number of active users. If you have a creative and interesting page, users will get attracted and they will find interest in your business. But, be sure that your contents are related to your business or else you will invite useless followers.

  • Daily Users- In average, out of 10 people who are following your Facebook page, 6 people are active daily.
  • Free Marketing- What’s better than getting something beneficiary for free. Facebook is one of the best way for marketing your business and that’s also for free. What do you get for free these days?
  • Spying Your Competitors- Though it doesn’t mean that you can spy on their bank account or other stuffs. Facebook provides a feature called “New pages to watch”. There you can add up to 5 pages whom you consider as your competitors and you will get update about their growing followers. You can then narrow down the list of what they are doing extra to gain popularity so that you can do the same or something better than that.
  • Watchmen- Facebook have a feature of providing an insight of the daily numbers of growing users on your page and how many people you are reaching every day.
  • Linking- Link your website to your Facebook page and increase traffic on your website.
  • Promote Through Your Followers- The kind and loyal followers of your page will share your page to others.
  • Updates- If you are going to have a sale, or an exhibition, depending on the kind of business you have, you can update them on Facebook.
  • Advertisement- Have you ever noticed some page being advertised on your Facebook page. It’s called Facebook advertisement. Users do it to reach globally to the Facebook user and they gain a quick hike of their followers. Though it costs some fortune but believe me, it’s worth every penny.

Facebook is now one of the most important platform for the business organisations. And why wouldn’t it be. Where else would get so many features for free. Guess now you got the importance to have a Facebook business page. But if you still don’t gain any profits after having business page on Facebook, man, you must rethink about your business.


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