The Cost Of Plantation Shutters For Your Home




Window shutters have been widely used on many windows today in quite a number of countries. There have been enough reasons why most people prefer s:craft plantation shutters as opposed to curtains and blinds which are now a thing of the past. However, just like in any other item, there is no standardized cost for all the plantation shutters that are available. Since plantation shutters come in different forms and types, this is why the prices also differ. Let us have a look at some of the factors that determine the price at which a plantation shutter goes for:

1. Size/ dimensions

Windows come in different dimensions both in terms of width as well as height. Consequently, there are also different plantation shutters to suit each given dimension. There are three main dimensions of plantation shutters: half height, café-style, tier-on-tier height as we as full height.  This is why a window has to be first measured in order to determine its ideal height of plantation shutters. The same happens for width where we have: small width, medium and large width. The secret behind the different prices for different sizes of plantation shutter is the amount of material used to make it. Obviously, the bigger the size of material used, the higher the price. 

2. Type of material used

There are quite a number of materials that can be used in making plantation shutters. These include: wooden height, glass, aluminum and so on. The kind of material used is what determines the quality and functionality of the plantation shutters that will be made out of it. 

For instance, an aluminum roller which is insulated with polyurethane is of super high quality.  Besides being pretty much durable, it also assists in temperature regulation within the room. This explains the reason why such a plantation shutter will be sold expensively unlike wooden plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters made of glassware may also vary in prizes. This is because, glassware comes in different qualities. The higher the quality of glassware used in making the roller, the higher the price.

The same happens for wooden plantation shutters. While rollers made up of hard wood will be sold at a higher price due to the high quality of wood and durability, soft wood plantation shutters will sell at relatively lower prizes.

3. Design of plantation shutters

Just like any other house fixture, furniture, plantation shutters come in diverse designs. The price of a roller is dependent upon the technicality of design. It is worth to note that there are different designs for indoor and exterior plantation shutters.

Some of the available designs include: 

• Roller window shutters

This is a common design for indoor plantation shutters. The best thing about the roller shutters is they are not only convenient but also super environmental-friendly. Just like the term suggest, they can easily be adjusted by rolling them depending on the weather condition. The good news is that these plantation shutters are super ideal for summer time season.

They help in maintaining a cool environment within your house by simply rolling them upwards. They save you a great deal of using electricity for thermal regulation as well as the hassles of air conditioning.

• Ornamental window shutters

Ornamental plantation shutters are designed with a lot of aesthetic value considerations in mind. There are houses that owe their classic appearance to the beauty of shutters that they are made of. For instance, houses of log cabin design are perfectly suit by rustic plantation shutters for a match. The more the aesthetic value of a shutter, the higher the price. This is due to the fact that it takes a great deal of time to achieve the desired aesthetic and stylish design.

• Custom plantation shutters

Custom plantation shutters are designed in a way that they can be tailored to suit any specifications. Whether you want to regulate the amount of warmth or light getting into your room or you want to just have some different and stylish look in your house, you don't have to have another set of plantation shutters at your windows. You easily enjoy different stylish looks at a cost that you met just once. This makes you to have a wide range of choices to make throughout your usage period. Since nearly everyone is on budget today, a custom design will facilitate smooth running in the unfriendly economic status.

4. Vicinity of sale

Different items are charged at different prices in different localities. This is due to the varying economic status at different places. Similarly, the plantation shutters are nor exceptional in the list. A similar design and size of a plantation shutter will sell at totally diverse price in different countries: Denmark, Asia and in different towns as well.

5. Functionality

Clearly, the more the usability an item, the more expensive it becomes. Similarly, this is the car for plantation shutters. For instance, a plantation shutter that has a high insulation function and is more durable like say: aluminum roller insulated with polyurethane will be more expensive than just a plantation shutter which is purely aluminum. This is because, though the aluminum reinforced with polyurethane is both durable and has a high insulating effect, a pure aluminum metal is only durable. Therefore, it goes without saying that the previous will sell at a higher price.

6. Finish used

Different finishes are sold differently. This is due to the fact that finishes come in different qualities. The higher the quality of finish used on your plantation shutter, the more expensive it becomes. Obviously, high quality finishes are likely to last longer hence the high price.


Whether you are looking for plantation shutters for your interior or exterior house, you should properly understand the different kinds of qualities that are there. Choosing the best of the best quality is a good decision though it may be expensive. Just like it is said that cheap is expensive, so it is even for plantation shutters. A good color selection also brings about a wholesome difference in your house appearance. Though it has never been easy to select colors for some people, color matching your furniture with shutters is a correct way to go.