Comparison Of Irobot Roomba Robot Vacuums: 900, 800, 700 And 600 Series




After Lots of questions about the Gaps between Irobot's Roomba, I made a comparison of the Show:

900 (980, 966, 965, 960)

800 (880, 870, 866)

700 (790, 780, 770, 760)

600 (696, 676, 681, 680, 615, 620, 621, 630, 632, 650, 660, 625, 616, 612, 606, 605)

500 (581, 564 fart, 555, 534 fart and also 531)

The 900, 800, 600 remain readily available for sale and you'll discover that the 500 and 700 used ones.

There can be other referrals, but be aware that these are identical to this list above. Just accessories or functionalities vary: there maybe a brush or a filter in addition, a different tone, the possibility of programming , tactile keys.

Once you have made your pick between these 3 series, you may pick the reference which suits you the best. Fantastic luck and feel free to use the discussion or opinions for those who have questions. The purchase price range is very wide, prices range between $220 with the Roomba 620, $600 for the past created, the Roomba 960. And of course, if you would like to know more about the advantages and weaknesses of each Roomba.

Specificities of Roomba 500-series

Roomba 531. The 531 is the entry version. It has an identical cleaning capabilities as with other models in the 500 series, but it starts manually and isn't programmable.

From 555, models are programmable once a day.

Roomba 564 pet version. The Roomba 564 furry friend (special animal) has the Aerovac ™ Series 1 system composed of a Aerovac filter effective at catching allergens and a huge power tank. The brushing and aspiration are simultaneous activities, that lets it suck animal's own hair effortlessly. You may get more info on vacuum by visiting AM09 site.

Roomba 581. The Roomba 581 might be the initial from the range with a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip that allows it to operate with Lighthouse Smart Walls. Intelligent digital walls allow the robot to pay for a bigger area and more economically (rather recommended for large areas). Explanation: Once the robot has finished cleaning the current room, it asks the Lighthouse to start the digital door and crosses it to completely clean the surface.

The 500 series will disappear, gradually replaced by the 600 series. For owners of a Roomba 500, you can provide it a new lease of life by installing the Aerovac bin bunch on the 600 series.

Roomba 650 4 models with Various alternatives:

Roomba 620 additionally discovered under mention 621 and also 615

Roomba 630 also discovered under the reference 632

Roomba 650 additionally found under the reference 651

Roomba 660

Even the 600 series are substituting the 500 show but few improvements have been made.

Designed with Aerovac technologies, atmosphere flow is optimized and the dust container satisfies more evenly

A brand new brush improves the suction of the facial skin, the latter hence wrapping less around the brush.

A brand new colour

The Roomba 630, 650 and 660 have in addition:

2 filters

1 virtual wall


The Roomba 660 includes accessories (brush and filters)

Specificities of Roomba 625

Roomba 625 pro. The Roomba 625 might be the expert m version of the Roomba range. Additionally, it works together virtual light house walls. This robot vacuum cleaner incorporates another cleaning mode Max for the cleaning of professional spaces. It's sold with many additional accessories and also a carrying case. It's from this version that the bumpers of robots have been built with an adhesive tape protecting the robot also its environment virtually some other possible jolt.

Uniqueness of Roomba 700 series

Roomba 790

Roomba 780

Roomba 770

Roomba 760

In order to complete this particular comparison, I tried to summarize the main improvements of this Roomba 700 series in contrast to this Roomba 500.

Cleaning Head Evolution: 20 percent more fine particles washed with fresh generation brushes with simpler Delrin ™ hints to keep. The bristles of the main brush are now Ny-lon

Aerovac Series 2 advances the ability of the vacuum cleaner and so allows to get less dirt in the main brushes.

Improved air filter because of your HEPA filter that prevents fine particles by escaping.

He has in his panoplie a new movement back and forth when he finds an area excessively dirty.

Better power management and software improving battery life by 50%

Soft touch bumper with aluminum coating protects walls and furniture.

The Roomba 770, 780 and 790 possess additionally:

Indicator lights up when Roomba detects that the Dustbin is full

Besides the acoustic sensors already present on the 500 seriesthey use visual detectors to detect dirt and so accommodate the cleaning power.

The Roomba 780 and 790 possess also:

Touch keys

Two virtual smart walls (virtual lighthouses)

1 additional replacement side brush

1 added replacement principal brush

The 790 has accessories

1 additional virtual wall

1 additional Hepa filter

1 added main brushes

2 additional side brushes

1 storage case

Ever since 1st April 2015, 3 new robot vacuums have entered in the 700 series: 774, 776p, 786p. All these versions are equipped with:

The Xlife battery which provides a more lifetime compared to the battery APS but a lesser autonomy.

1 Chicago Dock Charger

2 cleaning tools

Digital Mobile; Ha-Lo or Lighthouse (depending on the reference)

Specificities of Roomba 800 Series

Roomba 880. Better suction, fresh maintenance-free rubber brushes, fresh Xlife battery with longer lifetime (much less battery lifetime ) and also a far more cushioned dust bin are the primary improvements.

The Roomba 880 is harmonious with smart digital walls also has a remote control in addition.

The Roomba 866 is the entry model. It is identical to the 880 but will not use smart virtual walls (just such as the 870 for this matter) and has no accessories (remote controller, virtual walls...).


Since September 2015, I-robot was marketing the Roomba 980 that marks a turning point to the 2-track brandnew. On the 1 hand, his own navigation becomes methodical no further arbitrary. On the other hand the Roomba 980 has become joined. It's thus feasible to shoot remote controller via a smartphone.

Since September in 2016, I-robot was marketing a brand new joined Roomba, the 966. I've identified 3 gaps between the 980 and also the 966:

The major one is to the suction side! The suction system named"Aeroforce" is less powerful in the Roomba 966. For now I can't let you know just how much less suction is. A test will likely be conducted in the coming weeks. A second distinction is the existence of Carpet Boost tech with all the 980. The robot vacuum cleaner advances the suction automatically when it belongs on a carpet. Finally a 3rd distinction could be the presence of an additional digital wall using Roomba 980 Intelligent virtual walls allow the robot to pay for a larger area and more efficiently (rather recommended for large areas). Explanation: When the robot has finished cleaning the present space, then it asks the light house to start the virtual door and adjusts it to completely clean the surface.