An article is basically composed three parts. That is the introduction, body and conclusion part. If all these areas of the article are written correctly, such an article can bring the good score to the student. At this place, we will teach you on how all these parts of the essay should be written well in order to make your article a masterpiece. The first section of the piece which is introduction should be drafted in a manner that will keep the reader of the essay wanting to go ahead and read the second paragraph of the article. The introduction is usually the first section of the article, and it introduces the topic of the essay as it is taught on http://www.rushmypaper.net/.

The main part of the article is the body. This is the part that determines what your essay will score you. In essay writing with a good flow of ideas, it will not be hard for you to generate five or more paragraphs in this part. If you are good in language and grammar, you will write this part well too. The conclusion summarizes all the ideas in the essay in one paragraph. This should be the very last paragraph of the article. A student should have his or her essay written having these parts in order for them to score well.

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