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If wave after wave of desire has come over you lately, if you suddenly feel vulnerable to the manipulation and machinations your love interest could actually be capable of, then the challenge issued by Venus’ square to passionate Pluto today will test the very essence of your relationship. Jealousy is the most common byproduct of this tense planetary lineup, but any emotion associated with sex, death and other people’s money can climb to operatic heights. Watch the drama queens throw shit fits, and since not much else is happening, even sensible folk might want in on the action. Secrets, lies and sport fucking (clandestine Pluto is in athletic Sagittarius) should fill the weekend and keep you busy during the week. A more sensible approach next Thursday as Mercury and steadfast Saturn sextile. Perhaps this is not quite the joyous escape route you planned for the long Valentine’s Day weekend, but it is relatively free from hysteria and death threats. 

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Become a joiner. This advice may sound strange, since Aries is the most self-directed sign in the zodiac; however, there is a not particularly painful lesson to be learned by being at one with a group ethos. You don’t have to stay for long, perhaps just until next weekend, when Mercury ceases transmitting ideas from humanitarian Aquarius and dives into the depths of emotional Piscean waters. Information that is personal (for your eyes only), that enhances your image as a “responsible adult,” comes across your desk midweek.  



Bulls, even dyed-in-the-wool romantics, are usually pretty reasonable, occasionally downright practical, when it comes to matters of the heart. You might act aloof if you feel betrayed, but you rarely create a scene in public. Well, babe, that splendid record can be shattered, along with a friendship or two, when your Venus ruler squares subversive Pluto this weekend. Other than warning you to beware of getting dragged into a scheme that you didn’t devise, all I can say is, “Desire will be your undoing.

Gemini: May 21 - Jun. 20

A change — in career plans, a working or a social connection — comes about this weekend through a woman masquerading as a martyr, an artist, of the genre. The relationship may be sexual or another use of abusive powers, but no matter how it turns out (probably badly), it will affect what you do next. That solution may arrive when your Mercury ruler, supersensitized by its recent meeting with the sun, is supported by a well-focused, albeit self-serving, Saturn in the middle of the week. Protect your reputation.


Cancer: Jun. 21 - Jul. 22

Everything that was good, especially the romance, about last weekend could turn ugly this weekend. Not so ugly that you can’t adjust to the situation, but ugly enough to jerk you out of your complacency. Pay attention to the underbelly of your love life and the risks you’re taking with the people involved, especially the kids. While Venus remains exalted in Pisces (until the 21st), it’ll be easier to rise above the gut level (and the gutter), to make sacrifices so that you can achieve a cherished goal.



Lighten up on yourself. Let whatever happened during the Leo full-moon eclipse last weekend head toward a natural (third quarter of the moon) conclusion before you reach any conclusions of your own. You might want to add your two cents to a domestic rescue project, but there could be a hitch in the financing that’ll throw you off course. Deep feelings about the snafu don’t necessarily mean high drama has to follow. Let it slide and instead enjoy the company of Aquarians who want their time in the sun with you.


 Virgo: Aug. 23 - Sep. 22

Changes in the neighborhood (they’re digging up the drainage system in mine) and an attractive partner-type somehow manage to impinge on your daily doings. Perhaps you’ll join in a communal artistic expression of what the rain is doing to the drain; maybe you’ll watch My Fair Lady together. The frenzy and the fun stop when your Mercury ruler receives solid support from strict Saturn. If you need to contact the authorities, be they at City Hall, Charles Schwab or the IRS, do so next Wednesday.



While some Librans are happy to take sides (the Johnnie Cochrans of the world), most make an effort to not tip the scales. Sorry, but this weekend, as your self-sacrificial Venus ruler squares destructive Pluto, you can’t remain neutral. You won’t remain calm, either, and you might completely blow that highly esteemed sense of “holding it together.” Pluto rouses passions, treasured hopes and your worst fears, especially about money or something else of value. Because this aspect doesn’t last, don’t panic or compound the damage.

Scorpio: Oct. 23 - Nov. 21

If last weekend was deliciously passionate, then this weekend can be passionately distasteful. That’s because loving Venus was showering your Mars co-ruler with sweetness and light back then. Well, the goddess is fucking furious with your Pluto co-ruler right now, and only you know (suspect is more like it) why. Pay attention to any hints you pick up on, surreptitious acts of espionage and other games Scorpions like to play before zapping their victims (who are only pretending to succumb). The tables turn.


  Sagittarius: Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

Pluto in your sign, Venus in watery Pisces at home. What sort of emotional havoc can they wreak? What will they wreck? Sagittarius is the fire, Pisces is the flood. Might the kitchen and the bathroom go down in the same disaster, or are you simply replacing essential elements of survival? The challenging square between these sexy planets could also spark a fight between “Thanks, I’ve already been saved” and the artist, evangelist or female figure in the family who is seeking a more dramatic show of faith. Tricky stuff.


Capricorn: Dec. 22 - Jan. 20

If there’s not a whole lot going on with your love life, then take this refreshing pause to appreciate the art of conversation, to acknowledge how much you’ve gained by following its rules and regulations. All I am saying is that Mercury’s harmonious sextile to your Saturn ruler next Thursday signals the near completion of a matter that you’ve been dealing with since the last time you filed a tax return. One that was less about money and more about communicating, classes, neighbors or a recalcitrant sibling. Coming soon: the finale.


 Aquarius!     Aquarius: Jan. 21 - Feb. 18

Push comes to shove this week as you make your way up the rickety ladder of success. Be particularly gracious when dealing with a powerful client or a power-crazed parent, especially if it involves money or favors, whatever you’ve been using to grease the wheels of progress. Tempers may flare and the heat generated by sexual tension can rise, but you should come away clean, if not scot-free, for the time being. Around Mardi Gras, it might turn into a juicy topic of discussion.


Pisces: Feb. 19 - Mar. 19

Take it slow, play it safe. This weekend you may attract a bigger, more elusive fish than you bargained for, so when you’re out there casting your net, try to find out what you’re getting into. Magnetic Venus in your sign pulls in powerful people who, despite their erudition and business connections, can become difficult, even icky, to deal with. Why this leads to scandalous behavior is beyond me, but this could turn into the gist of the gossip you’ll be dining out on from now until March.