Artificial Grass: Is It Helpful for Pet Owners?

Quite a few pet owners are now using artificial grass. The most common question they ask before installing the synthetic turfs is: 'how will my pet react to this new thing". The majority of these people have dogs (generally, the cats don't look for playing and running in the garden; they like spending time on the planting beds). If you are also a dog owner and wondering how your pup will react to the synthetic turf, you can rest assured; dogs treat artificial grass similarly as the natural ones. In fact, both you and your pet will be benefited highly; let us find out how.

Keeps Both Your Garden and Pet Clean

If you are keen on keeping both your pet and garden clean, there is no better option than artificial grass. The pet friendly fake turfs are made to resist all kinds of wear and tear caused by pets. These turfs withstand the damaging ultraviolet rays, pet urine and rough play. Your dog will definitely find the artificial turf softer and thoroughly enjoy running and playing on it. The only difference would be your artificial lawn will not have to suffer from dog wear and tear, smells and staining. The artificial grass fibres never get harmed by dog urine or other wastes. These turfs are permeable in nature; so, all dog wastes will get removed automatically. With a synthetic turf, you will get rid of jobs like cleaning the muddy patches of the garden and washing the muddy paws of your pup. These turfs are sturdy and will come in handy if you have a dog who loves digging.

Saves Your Pet from Diseases

If you have a natural lawn, you cannot do without things like pesticides and herbicides for keeping the area free from bugs and weeds. Dogs often nibble the grass and can get sick from these chemicals. Preservation of synthetic grasses does not involve use of chemicals and thus will not harm your pet even if it nibbles them. Some manufacturers are making pet friendly artificial grass tagging it as an anti-microbial product. The term anti-microbial indicates that these products discourage the growth of dangerous bacteria. This feature of synthetic grasses minimizes the chances of pets getting infected by diseases while playing in the grass. Natural grasses may store allergens that may make your pet sick. The chances of being attacked by allergens will not be there, if your pet is playing on a fake grass lawn.

Not only the dog owners, people running boarding kennels can also gain great benefits from artificial grass. They can install dog runs made from fake grasses. The initial expenditure may be more, but in the long run they will save a lot of money as the cost of upholding is very low for fake turfs. Another notable advantage is that the maintenance does not involve any time consuming procedure. With synthetic grass lawns, there's no need of using fertilizers for enhancing the grass's growth, no need to apply bug killers and no irrigation is also required.

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