The AR-15 Upper Receiver

Upper receiver case is the most crucial part of the AR-15. When you are going to buy an AR-15, you need to look at the specification of the AR-15 carefully. The automatic rifle can be customized or buy fully prepared and loaded from the market. If you want any high definition and modified rifle, you can go for the customization option. People who are buying AR-15 for the first time need to know the specific functions and individual parts of the AR-15. Ar-15 can be classified into the four major parts. The lower receiver, the upper receiver and the barrel and the stock. The most important parts of an AR-15 is its upper cases which should be chosen carefully while buying it. And of course, you have the option of the modification of the individual part of the AR-15. You can modify the upper receiver from the AR-15 upper receiver place. The customized AR-15 is generally more or less powerful than the normal one according to the needs of the individual. You can also get the benefit of choosing the components of the upper receiver according to your choice to make your AR-15 more effective.

Different parts of the AR-15 upper receiver


There are three different styles of the upper receiver. The A1 style upper receiver has a fixed handle on the upper part of the rifle. The handle is fixed and can’t be adjustable. The A2 style upper receiver is adjustable, and the handle is movable. So, it is easy to use than the A1 model. Then the next receiver is the A3 style upper receiver which has a removable handle. It is super flexible to use.

Hand guard

The hand guard of the upper case is placed in the rear position of the delta ring. It is placed in such way that doesn't block the gas area. The hand guards make sure that you don’t go accidentally into the gas area. It increases the accuracy of the rifle. 

Gas tube

Where gas port cuts the barrel, on that point, the gas port cut into the barrel. The gas tube comes with the different size and design. But the gas tube has to be small in size and compact so that it can make room for the hand guard. The major activity of the gas tube is to transport the gas from the gas tube. 

Muzzle break

The muzzle break also comes in different design and shape. The muzzle break has to be diffused so that from the distant place the presence of it doesn’t show up.

Dust cover

Dust cover doesn’t let the dust to come up and catch your eyes while firing.

There are some more accessories in the AR-15 rifle. The design and the number of accessories are changed due to the design and model of the AR-15. 

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