Anniversary quotes love


Wedding anniversaries portray a mixture of emotions. Some plan for an extravagant party, some a vacation spree, while others think in a simple, more private way.

No matter how an anniversary is celebrated, Anniversary quotes love are perfect for such spoken words expressed from the heart. Be it done on wedding anniversary cards or in a form of a speech, either ways, these sayings create worlds that none of them ever imagined before.

Mignon McLaughlin, an American journalist, once quoted about the everlasting love a couple have that requires falling in love a lot of times only to the same person-- your spouse. True! There should still be sparks going on and that requires nurturing that ever growing love you have for each other. Let there be always wine poured and sweet words be spoken.

I have been married for almost 2 decades and an author of the Woman's Magazine was right in quoting that marriage is very like a book of which Chapter 1 is written in poetry and the rest of the chapters in prose. God, the Almighty has blessed all marriages where 2 hearts are combined as one.

On the 25th year of marriage, wedding anniversary quotes go deeper and more meaningful. No man nor woman really knows what love is, even at 25 years of marriage. As adjustments are made and trials defeated, the 25th year may come as swift as the wind, but love here grows the slowest. Husbands and wives, after 25 years, who still, or may not, love each other can tell a thousand things just by looking at each other!

The 50th year certainly calls for an anniversary toast! Knowing an aging couple stays in love is a priceless treasure. Never underestimate the power of a pen! Wedding anniversary cards are perfect presents at this age since they do not anymore prioritize material things, but memories to be treasured for.

To fill the air with laughter, you may opt to quote humorous sayings. Entertain your guests with the not-too-serious lines. Socrates, by his unwavering commitment of truth, even showed out his sense of humor with funny marriage quotes.

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