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Interesting facts about gift buyers and gift perception

Gifts perception

1. Behavioral studies show that individuals place a lower value (up to 18%) on items they receive as gifts than the value of the same thing they purchase themselves.




Gift Price: $54,99

Value to Recipient: $44.99


iPad mini 4

Gift Price: $368.99

Value to Recipient: $300



Diamond Ring

Gift Price: $1000

Value to Recipient: $800


2. The same gift can be valued differently, depending on who gives it. Usually, the most valued gifts are from significant others, grandparents or siblings. But the least treasured gifts are from friends, aunts & uncles. (List of curse depends on each person.)



Gift cards statistics

1. This season alone Americans will spend $95 Billion on Gift Cards alone.

2. Each year there are 2.5 Billion dollars wasted on unused gift cards in America.

3. 90% of (unused gift cards) receivers did not use their gift card because they forgot about a gift card or did not have time to use them.



General data about gift giving

1. In America, on average 42% of all recipients never open their gifts and 28% regift gifts or exchange them.

2. Each year an average person will spend an average of 22 h on gift-buying tasks.

3. In more than 70% of couples men and women agree that it is a womens duty to pick and buy presents.


Hope you enjoyed this small article. All data comes from multiple online surveys conducted in 2015.


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