Care Tips for Garden Fences

For a fence to last for years, it depends on proper care. Because wind and weather gnaw on every fence, especially if it is made of wood. Below are some important facts to be taking care of as per the best cedar fence contractor.
ceder fence Fences made of metal or plastic are simply washed off with the pressure washer to remove algae. Possible paint damage to metal fences should be sanded off and repainted, otherwise the spots rust. Metal fences have a great weight. That's why they should also be well anchored in the ground. This is especially true for the fence posts that hold a garden gate. Let's check this american company fence service details.
Care tips for garden fences
Metal fences sometimes need a new coat of paint. Tip: The 2in1 rust protection primer from Alpina prevents rusting under the paint.
Fence care on the fly
Fences made of wood:
• No wooden element may have earth contact. 
• Paint fences approximately every two to three years. 
• Algae spray before Steichen, plants away from the fence. 
• It should not rain until the wood protection has dried, otherwise the work was in vain. 
• Glazes preserve the wood grain, lacquers form a covering layer.
Fences made of iron:
• Spray algae with the pressure washer. 
• Remove any branches that can scratch the fence. In such places, the paint goes off and the metal rusts.
• Sand the old paint before painting.
When talking about fence care, wood fences are usually meant to last for years with proper care. On beveled fence slats, rainwater drains off quickly, the wood does not rot.

Wood protection through proper construction
So that wooden fences last a long time, neither their piles nor the fence slats must have direct contact with the ground. Rapid rot would otherwise be the result, even if the wood was previously treated with protective glaze. Fence posts are therefore best in metal shoes that protect against the ground. The ends of the fence slats and also of the piles should always be beveled so that rainwater can drain away quickly and does not collect. Such places would be predestined for rot! For fence posts, there are special protective caps, which significantly increase the durability of the piles. Wooden fences are usually pressure-impregnated at the factory and return to their old color if you paint them with wood preservative oils.