Amazon Logo Quiz Answers 2019

Amazon app logo quiz answers

If you are Amazon user then you are lucky enough getting good deals on it. World largest sale can be found on Amazon. It has changed so many things the definition of e- commerce, brick and mortar store prices.  It is one stop for all sort of shopping. Those who love to watch series, movies they even get this. This is giving people choices in everything.

Complete food discounts – Amazon gives complete food discounts to its buyer. Food items are also there. Plus medicine is also there. There is a section for medicine on Amazon. Clothes are in variety from Kurti to sari everything is there. Basically it amazon app logo quiz answers has become one stop for everything and it gives every facility to its users. Those who are part of Amazon prime they will get extra benefit. Amazon is biggest hub for shopping. Now meaning of shopping has changed books are available here on Kindle. So there is an option of saving so you can read novels, drama without internet. Or if one needs books in physical then it is also available there. There is largest book store available on Amazon.

Taking prime would be right option. So it can be cancelled at any moment. This is one of nice way of even gifting someone. If someone is willing to gift someone and he or she is not present there then Amazon is gifting perfect opportunity to make them feel special. You can just order their favourite gift and pay with your card. Amazon will deliver your tone of love to them in a very easy way. So life is changing with Amazon so shop as much as your heart wants. There is everything if you are thinking something to buy but not getting on right price so you can add that in your wish list then if price goes down then it will notify you. That is how you can buy at reasonable price.  You can add everything according to your budget and comfort. Enjoy your shopping in the company of Amazon and just play this quiz of Amazon that is going to be held on 31st may.

They are going to ask some general questions you just need to answer each questions.  The questions will be very easy, anyone could answer these questions.  This also a fun activity which will also give various discounts if one makes good points and wins this quiz.  They add fun along with shopping. So play the quiz and win exciting offers.

Q. Lala Lajpat Rai is also known as –

A.  Sher- e- Punjab and Punjab kesari

Q.  In which year Mount Everest was captured by Edmund Hillary and tensing Norgay ?

A. 1953

Q.   Which can be the best source for getting protein?

A.   fish is one of best source of getting protein.


Q.  Where does the industrial organization of Atomic minerals division, heavy water board (HWB)

A.  Mumbai

Q.  Which is the important minerals of Assam?

A.  Petroleum

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