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WhatsApp is the new Facebook!! I don't recollect a hour going by without checking my WhatsApp. So soon has it been an a vital part of our lives. We as a whole acclaim the highlights WhatsApp has given us, from smileys to voice notes, WhatsApp is simply excessively magnificent. You can Download WhatsApp Plus apk from the connection gave in the article. 

Consider the possibility that we disclose to you that our WhatsApp has far superior. Try not to be excessively astonished, our WhatsApp has thought of fresh out of the box new and energizing highlights and is called WHATSAPP PLUS: THIS TIME ITS BLUE. WhatsApp Plus (informal) the fresh out of the plastic new WhatsApp variant is here to be disclosed today. So let us stay into – what new WhatsApp Plus has for us to offer. Here is our take. 

WhatsApp Plus has following awesome highlights

We as a whole love our green WhatsApp symbol. Isn't that right? Better believe it, we do. Be that as it may, WhatsApp Plus accompanies a blue symbol. Changes are great and this new symbol to looks adorable!! 

Change your shading: We can never show signs of change the hues in our WhatsApp however utilizing WhatsApp Plus, we can change the shades of relatively all aspects of the application. Means we can change our experience shading and Header shading and so forth. So utilizing WhatsApp Plus you can add more hues to your WhatsApp and appreciate. 

Expanded size of recordings: Using WhatsApp we can send recordings to our companions with a most extreme size of 16 MB and we as a whole incredible needed it to broaden. What's more, here WhatsApp Plus is with a video size of 50 MB. So get this variant for more video estimate and appreciate greater recordings. 

The Status Thing: Using WhatsApp we can not just shroud our status and uncover them to individuals we wish to, yet we can likewise take a gander at our companion's status just beneath the visit, dissimilar to our WhatsApp in which we needed to first tap the contact symbol and after that see the status. More simplicity with better WhatsApp! 

Astounding Images: I despise it when my WhatsApp turns all my HQ pictures to an entire complain. Be that as it may, with WhatsApp Plus you have an alternate Option for fantastic pictures. So your pictures remain the way they are. Isn't that awesome? 

Energizing New Themes: WhatsApp Plus has included energizing new subjects to it. Also, they are simply too much. Adjust the whole look of your WhatsApp with WhatsApp Plus. The conventional WhatsApp doesn't offer subjects so this one is a major motivation to search for WhatsApp Plus. 

Brilliant Font Colors: Same old dreariness of dark text style shading has arrived at an end with WhatsApp Plus in light of the fact that with new WhatsApp Plus you change the textual style shading in your WhatsApp. Utilizing WhatsApp Plus you can likewise incorporate diverse text style shading to a new message, assemble messages. This is something extremely new and interesting. 

Area: With WhatsApp Plus you can send your area to your companions. It would be great when each time you are some place, your companions get you know where?? This is extremely another component I am anticipating use. 


WhatsApp is extremely dear to all of us yet the way that WhatsApp Plus is superior to anything it can't be ignored. We are not attempting to discover deficiencies with existing WhatsApp, but rather the accompanying are the contrasts between official WhatsApp and informal WhatsApp Plus that will get you slanted towards WhatsApp Plus. 

Better interface: with various topics alternatives, textual style shading choices, and shading settings WhatsApp Plus stands tall in wording regarding interface. 

Better smileys: One thing why we adored WhatsApp is a direct result of the great smileys and as you may already know! WhatsApp Plus accompanies hellfire heaps of smileys. Presently no feeling goes inferred. 

More security and simplicity: WhatsApp Plus offers more straightforwardness to the clients as far as protection and better access. 

Video measure: WhatsApp Plus is superior to anything WhatsApp as far as video estimate. (an astounding 50 MB). You beyond any doubt are searching for your WhatsApp update, right? 

Whatsapp plus Download


I have constantly abhorred everything that interferes with me and my WhatsApp. In any case, WhatsApp Plus felt just excessively awesome, making it impossible to me (no offense!!! WhatsApp). WhatsApp Plus is profoundly prescribed to each one of those searching for energizing highlights in their WhatsApp to communicate with their companions.

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