The Graco X7 Paint Sprayer is our pinnacle recommendation for DIYer’s with ground to cover. It’s a powerful, value-packed airless device that’s best for portray some rooms, up to an entire residence. This system isn’t the most inexpensive within the X-series lineup, but it’s a great deal more flexible and powerful than the less expensive X5. We assume it’s an awesome choice for humans with bold plans for repainting walls, ceilings, and trims around their home. you may flip it up for exterior paints, or turn it down to do fundamental fixtures initiatives with latex paints. it is able to spray paint immediately from the bucket, and it’s surprisingly portable.


expertise, it’s not as effective or rugged as a expert-grade airless machine. We don’t endorse this to any execs apart from mild-use handymen or assets managers who will live underneath the one hundred twenty five-gallon annual utilization rating.


The Graco ProX19 is our advice to working pros who will paint as much as 500 gallons in line with 12 months, or to the most ambitious DIYer’s who want the closing airless gadget. It’s even higher than the X7 with the thickest paints. That’s thanks to the more powerful motor and bba0dbeb6a5d3c2fa0d3f365b4817df5, replaceable pumps. This machine is sort of as transportable as the X7, even though it packs more energy and gives a greater commercial output. We assume it’s an first-rate purchase for contractors, belongings managers, and other medium-use experts.


It’s probably overkill for maximum DIYer’s, although, since the X7 is capable enough for maximum domestic portray jobs with interior or exterior latex. know-how, if you’re a DIYer with a specially huge residence, that you’re trying to completely remodel, this one might be well worth the extra cash for the extra power and peace of thoughts.


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For the high-use, full-time expert:


Graco extremely Max II 490 computer seasoned HiBoy electric powered Airless Sprayer


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The Graco ProX19 that we’ve endorsed in our predominant reviews is powerful and robust sufficient for maximum expert customers, as much as 500 gallons per 12 months. given that you could update the pumps without difficulty, too, we determined to make it our top best advice for the sizable majority of consumers.


know-how, we’re aware that a few oldsters now not best paint professionally, know-how paint thousands of gallons a year professionally. If portray is all you do, and you do a heck of lots of it, you may run the ProX19 into the ground earlier than too lengthy. That’s where this extra recommendation comes in!


in case you’re an exceedingly high-use painter, the extremely Max 490 HiBoy is the suitable sprayer for you. There are technically fashions higher up in Graco’s industrial lineup, and you’re welcome to explore them in case you paint on an business scale, information we suppose that is extra than most of the people want with the aid of itself. It’s also plenty much less exorbitantly-priced than the larger models, so it’s extra low cost for working pros with a backside line to watch out for.


The 490 is a cart-based totally airless system like the ProX19, knowknowledge it blows the ProX19 way out of the park. It has a complete 1HP brushless DC motor, it can spray extra than half of a gallon of paint in a minute, and it is able to help hints as much as .023 in size. if you need a every day-use gadget, it’s really perfect. you may swap the pumps out in mins, without a tools, and it has the equal hose-flush device as the alternative Graco airless structures we’ve checked out.

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