Hello Fellow Marketers :

     In a "PERFECT WORLD" Residual Monthly Income would be the IDEAL way to make money online BUT as you well know the World is not perfect and making a monthly residual income has a HUGE flaw. The problem is having to rely on others to make the money for you.Residual Income will ONLY work if you can market something directly to a huge list of subscribers thus building a downline and something they will purchase month after month without you having to remind them. BUT even with a large subscriber list or downline, many will drop out as they may not work as hard as you and are not making the money they expected to make ! therefore, leaving your monthly income to CHANCE ! and you having to replace these subscribers again to keep your monthly income intact.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the BEST ways to make money online by promoting programs that pay 100% Commissions (or at least 75% ) instantly to your PayPal Account.You will not need your own Website, hosting or domain name, No Technical Experience, No Web Design Experience, No Marketing Experience and No Paid Marketing Expenses. There are NO Monthly Fees associated with this type of Business AND Getting started is fast,easy and inexpensive. The first thing you'll need to do is set up a FREE "Premier or Business" account at PayPal which only takes a few minutes. A "Personal" account has too many restrictions and you will not be able to accept credit card payments with it.

The next step is to find a product and/or service such as ADVERTISING, TRAFFIC,   INFORMATION or a (PLR) Resellers Website to promote.These (PLR) Reseller programs are very easy to promote and if you can "COPY & PASTE",you can do this ! Most potential Internet Marketers are willing to pay for information to help them succeed online and everyone needs an abundance of traffic and advertising to make sales. NO Traffic = NO Sales !

 The best place to find these products, services or PLR Websites are listed below at the bottom of this page in the "Link Name" box.When searching for the ideal product to promote , follow my "5/20" guideline - DO NOT promote a product for less than $5 or more than $20 ! (there are exceptions - see below) Less than $5 takes too many sales to make any substantial amount of money & more than $20 makes it non affordable for many people and they won't buy.                                                                                       

Once you are setup, you'll need to get the word out about your product or service and the best places are FREE reputable credit based Safelists, Solo ads, Text Ad Exchanges and Traffic Exchanges.....

HINT : One of the most underrated Advertising resources in todays market is Classified Ad Sites such as "Craigslist" and "Backpage" - These 2 sites alone will produce more targeted visitors for you which will increase your conversion rate dramatically, probably more so than Safelists etc. AND they are FREE to use.

Your success as an affiliate marketer depends entirely on everything YOU can control so advertise every day, post good ads and YOU WILL MAKE MONEY !!

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