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Man was created for friendship with God.  To reject it is a failure or a goal-failure, better known as sin.   All Men are going in the wrong direction in this life, by-passing God.

Men needs a change of direction back to God.   Everyone is guilty to God and to fellow human beings.  In order to achieve ... real freedom, we need forgiveness from God.   Without forgiveness man would be punished; the Bible speaks of a death penalty.

This is a spiritual death which consists in an eternal and continuous separation from God.   It is a place of darkness, where one is forever divorced from God.   Because God loves man and created him for friendship with him, he does not want this eternal death for man.

His justice requires punishment, but his love forgives.   Out of righteousness, God proclaims the death sentence over man, and out of love he directs it to his own Son, Jesus Christ, for all mankind.

This sacrifice applies to every human being, but each person must accept it personally by asking God for forgiveness in prayer, for not having lived under God's government, and for all the sins that have been caused by it.   That he invites Jesus to take over the rule in his life.   And thanking God for having borne the punishment in his place.

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