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Step #1)  You must have an AutoResponder EmailCashClub Is the only totally FREE Auto-Responder
You ever need, it is complete - the only thing you need to do is add your other programs email into
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 FREE Capture Page (hosting included).
 FREE Autoresponder. (Unlimited Subscribers)
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 FREE Broadcast to All Leads
 FREE You Can Add Your Other Programs
 FREE Your Own Traker To Track Your Advertising.
 Optional Residual Income System Available.
 EmailCashClub Helps You Build Multiple Income Stream (Including GDI).  

Note: (Optional) If you have your own leads and looking for a mailer to upload your own leads or
want to add manually one by one I highlyr ecommend JMP go
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Step #2)  You must have a list Referral Frenzy gives you a big list and Free Credits every month
to ALL Safe-List & you will email to 100 plus Safe-List with bout 400,000.00 members
2 to 3 times a day with a couple of Clicks - to Join 
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Step #3)  Use PIF Explosion - to sends Free solos to the entire membership because when you
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Step #4)  Advertise also in AdViralizer as follow: create 6 accounts in AdViralizer the first one you
create it under my link
Click Here then you create the second one under your first
AdViralizer referral link 5 more times using 5 different email addresses and place 6 different
programs you may have, including your 
EmailCashClub referral link like mine.

Note if you do not have any other programs, no problem you repeat the EmailCashClub Link 6 times
and now you only will advertise your first AdViralizer referral link as follow: you go and create
another rotator and place the first AdViralizer referral link you created in that rotator, then you take
that rotator # and go into your CashInOnBanner program and create another tracking link and name 
it MyAdViralizer and place it in the email that AdViralizer gives you in the promotion area of
AdViralizer. This advertising method will do 3 things:
will advertise your CIOB link, your other programs and create a list for you.

Step #5)  You will be advertising your EmailCashClub referral link In ReferralFrenzy and
PIF Explosion list of emails and solos and in AdViralizer If you can spear some cash go and
MLMLeads go here to know how you setup MLMLeads this is the method to use to build
your own list of HOT buyers In EmailCashClub.

Step #6)  You advertise your product In EmailCashClub with the already written emails. 
Note: Those emails are sent automatically to your list - If you have other product you need to
add the email of that program in the Auto-Responder.

Step #7)  If you do not have a product that is working and making you daily Money
I recommend this double edge product website 
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 Below is my advertising method: 

#1) EmailCashClub is taken care of sending out email automatically for my EmailCashClub referral
link my job is to get hot leads into EmailCashClub, and create my own list. To accomplish this task
of creating a list I am advertising in ReferralFrenzy, PifExplosion, and other places only the
EmailCashClub referral link like this:
#2) I place the the ECC referral link or capture page of programs including EmailCashClub referral
link in the rotator
HERE, to advertise them on the Internet (example ReferralFrenzy or others) 
as follow:
#3) I go to
CashInOnBanners and I create a tracking link by entering the rotator I created on #2
above and I will name whatever I like (example I name the name of the place I advertise into)
#4) I take that link created in CashInOnBanners and I place it in the email of the program I want
to advertise, (example Referralfrenzy or whatever else I have). And I have many
Click Here to see.
#5) this method is good because once I have placed on the Internet those rotators then for me to
chage programs if i may need to change one day who knows why, those programs on the internet
i will do it by going into that rotator # and replace that link with the new one with one click.
Doing so it will change the link automatically everywhere on the internet wherever
I placed the advertising. (Very cool) If you do not understand all this Click contact us banner


                                                                    I am a real person and reply to all emails.