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 How to Set-up TeamEliteHomeBusiness AR 

I have made an outline of the important only to set up the Emails TEHB has for GDI.

If you have never joined TEHB yet Click Here

Login to TEHB then click on "Edit Autoresponder" in the left menu, then search for "GDI Global Domains Intl. Messages" to search, hit ctrl and the letter F  on your keboard, a window to search will open in Google in the upper right corner of your screen;  once you have found what you serching for, click on the link in yellow next to it that say: Load "GDI Global Domains Intl. Messages"  Once they are loaded click on the plus sign next to it and you see all messages there, -

To Copy my messages Click Here - Enter your preferred name and email and you will get my messages every day, then just copy from your email and paste in TEHB AR.

Now as you get the GDI messages Send Instantly just copy and paste the message you got in the editor then change my info to yours -  then as you get day 1 2 3 4 5 6  8 11  13 15 17 - you just copy my message as you get  them in the email go to TEHB click on the plus sign next to the GDI messages, the click on the little pencil on the right of the message and delete the entire message except this ~name~, on top, past the email in TEHB AR as i show it below - Editing the messages just change the GDI signup link, leave others the same or take out or add at will and chage my email to yours. (cannot do it? email me)

To Add messages in TEHB go to top under My Preview Messages and click on "Add an Auto Response Message" select the day you like then select the group in the drop down next to "Contact Group

And now create your subject and your message and click "Add Message" you done 

NEXT go home from the top upper left corner click on the man there then click "Home" from the left menu click on "Capture Pages" search for "GDI LCPs" click on that then click on "Make Primary Page" click on Edit "Capture Page" and now click on the drop down "Tools" in the top row tabs next click on "Search Code" delete all those code and copy my code Click Here copy the code and past in TEHB in place of those you have deleted and click "OK" next click on "SETTINGS" the second tab up on top the one in the center of the 3 then under the "Redirecting URL" place your All4Webs link like mine go to the very bottom and click " Save Changes" you done now click on "VIEW PAGE" test your capture page and it will work. 

Here it is what mine look like: and I tested and Is responsive the leads get the series of emails from the AR,  this is my cap page:  

I am using to automate info to the DL which are but motivation emails

How to set up the system that works well Click Here go to Step22 

If you want to use "Free Autopilot Promoter for GDI" TeamEliteHomeBusiness it can be used to feed leads into it - as I am using it daily - everyday I add manually the people in my DL who join GDI in TEHB - so they get the updates automatically from TeamEliteHomeBusiness Autoresponder 

How to Add Leads manually: 

login click on the tab “Add Lead” fill in first name last name and email then uncheck the box next to “Do Not Send Instant Message” because you want to send the message and now click “Add Lead” you are done. 

Before you can Add Leads the AR must be set up with the emails and capture page I can do for you for one time $5 to PP - Payza - STP I will need the login for TEHB Click Here I will set up your AR 

In the mean time you can set up your "Affiliate Programs" as I outline below

Login then on the left menu click on "Affiliate Programs" on the next page - He got I think over 300 sites there you look at them and if you belong to any you change the link to your link 

How you change the link?

If you click on the black disk you will go to that site 

If you click on the link next to the black dish a window will open that says: "Signup URL"  "Order URL" in those two spaces you put in both your referral link example like this and click "save

do it only on those programs you belong first - then if you want to join more in this case you click on the black disc and you join then you go back and replace my link with your signup link as I explained above.

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