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 How To Invite People By Emailing Them

Below are 2 email invitation you can use 


First email

Hey I'm PAYING for you and the next 9 Members.     

You read that right! I'm going to pay for YOU and the next 9 people that join me after YOU! 
I'm going to show you a new system called “THE POWER OF NINE - 30K-in-30Ds" 

You will be blown away by how fast this system can take you to a six-figure income! 
Our TEAM build system is unlike any other, YOU must see it! 

Sign-up for FREE login and pay your first entry and I will Pay for your second position and send to you immediately complete 
instructions about what to do to be a part of the "Power of Nine-30K-in-30Ds" system.

Watch this video presentation  or last webinar                                               

Come join us – PUT YOUR LINK or CO-OP LINK HERE 

YOU will be really glad you did! You have nothing to lose! so email me back today.

- “THE POWER OF NINE-30K-in-30Ds" Is For Serious Marketers ONLY.

I hope to see you there
Sincerely, Action TEAM
[email protected]


Second email

When they respond asking for info I send the one below


Our Team is giving away 1000 FREE positions...

Our team has a goal of 1,000 people in our forced matrix and are going to pay 
for them out of their pocket. All you have to do is sign-up for free! 
You will receive instructions on how you will be able to build a huge downline using our system!

Get in for FREE before all 1,000 positions are gone!
Watch this video


For Serious Marketers ONLY

Sign-up for FREE pay your first entry and I will Pay for your second position and send you immediately complete 
instructions on what to do to be a part of our "Power of Nine-30K-in-30Ds" TEAM

Best Regards,
Action TEAM
[email protected]



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