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Hi Partner..  

Here is the information we discussed.  This is a phenomenal opportunity and a REAL business that SERVES people's real needs.  And although the company is over 15 years in business, it is just available as of last week. Take note that fortunes will be made here by first movers... including us!

Here's the scoop...  Announcing Worth Unlimited...
1. "U-First Financial" was forced to stop accepting new clients in 2008 because banks stopped giving home equity lines of credit (mortgage crisis you'll recall), which were required at that time in order for their mortgage pay-off algorithm to work. 
2. Since the mortgage meltdown 12 years ago, none of U-First’s clients were affected and continued to use the software, as originally created. Thousands have paioff their mortgages in record time, and gone on the buy 2nd and 3rd homes and done it again! 
    (Watch the testimonials...) 
3. Since then, the company owners have re-engineered their software to make it even stronger -- to still achieve its intended purpose but now with just a savings or checking account.  (Although a HELOC loan also works as well...)
4. Following re-engineering and re-structuring for the future, U-First has re-opened to new clients -- as of 5 days ago (June 5th) as "Worth Unlimited" with Better Software that they believe is iron-clad/rock solid against any future bank crisis’ and with Better Websites that do ALL the selling and explaining for you. 
5. *Not to mention... marketing professionals in the home office are ready to take your prospective customers phone calls... answer all their questions and close all your sales for you
6. Recognizing the enormity of this re-launch and after doing my due-diligence, I decided to get involved for $49 (Normally $149.)  Just $49 to do this... no monthly costs.  
7.  Earn between $500 and $1100 per referral... and we will have fully automated for doing this; driving home owners to the information...
8. The company has given our direct upline, Tom Keener (who I have known for 15 years) a genealogy list of 20,000 former reps that he is making available to his team to call and get back in.
8. **To you get the special discount rate of $49... into the code Box input this code: “start49”
9.   If the computer recognizes you as a former U-First rep, you will come back in at the same rank you were at when you left. 
Here's are the 2 websites you’ll get for your one-time $49. Just both really excellent...
      Explore the Following Websites in This Order:
1. Mortgage Product website:   
2. Business Opportunity website: 
**NOTE: To get the discount rate of $49... in the "event code" box, type "start49"  (no brackets)
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Let me know if you have any questions... this is truly a no-brainer.
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