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Email to Send to Member After Have Paid 

Send this email after they have joined even if they have not paid


(Email below is totay Optional No NEED if cannot afford the 3 positions)

Hi there

Thanks again for signing up If you have paid or not for your first entry follow below 

What I would like from you is the same dedication to our TEAM build system the "Power of Nine"! For most people it has been a long time coming to finally have a business model that can finally give you the success we all deserve. When I say dedication I expect for all members to follow the steps to using the "Power of Nine" system. I want you to go to our Team Website at and watch all the videos on what you need to do.


Please you can follow Richard criteria of creating 3 Gmail accounts – But I chose an alternative way to setup emails using DOTs – just see below 

1. Set-up your Gmail account as follow:  example if your email is [email protected] which is the email you joined under my link – now while you are waiting to be approved you will sign up 3 positions under yourself as follow: 

  1. Purchase three positions under your first position the one underneath mine with the username = johndo as an example 

johndo = email = [email protected]

johndo1 = email = [email protected]

johndo2 = email = [email protected]

johndo3 = email = [email protected]

Note: If you cannot follow the set-up above email me your UA4S username and email I will do it for YOU.

Important notice the positions of the DOTS I placed in the other 3 emails - doing my criteria is better you will get them all under the first email the one you originally joined under me [email protected] it works believe me! I have done that way. Any Q I am here for you 

When you have joined me and created 3 positions underneath yourself, you can use PayPal email = [email protected]  - pay for your 4 positions your 1st and the 3 positions under yourself under the one you registered at first.

– join all 3 positions first under your personal referral link then you send the company the total of the 3 positions $4.95 plus the first entry $1.65 a total of $6.60 and then send a support ticket tell the admin to upgrade your 4 usernames, and you will give him all 4 usernames, please include also your payment receipt transaction number.
Remember I will rebate you in your PayPal $1.65.

Start promoting your three positions one at the time until you have sponsored and PIF for a total of nine people! Three under each position!

 In case you did not join yet I just ask why not!! Go Click Here NOW! Then select JOIN  

Any other Questions I am here for you lets together make happen  

All the best, Sincerely,
Action TEAM
[email protected]