February 7, 2010

  Salvation is an achievement, if is an achievement then it is a carrier.

 The Lord declared to man: “Be ye perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect” Mt 5:43-48.

On one occasion the disciples ask Jesus: “who can be saved?” Jesus answered: “To man is impossible but to God all things are possible”. Mt 19:22-30.

 Salvation is possible then, because is an achievement and everyone who go to school will graduate, I am not saying that salvation is achieved in the school of this land no, but to the school of the Holy Spirit and take the 8 classes of life.

 Salvation is offered FREE by faith in Christ but is only achieved at the end of our carrier, practicing 8 qualities in life, they are:
#1 faith, #2 goodness, #3 knowledge, #4 self-control, #5 perseverance, #6 godliness, #7 brotherly kindnesses, #8 love.  

 Salvation then is a personal achievement and it starts by responding to God’s call by the grace of Christ who will send the Holy Spirit in our lives to help us through this present life, giving us everything we need to succeed. He has given his divine power so we will receive the full knowledge of Jesus Christ and be able to participate in his divine nature in this corrupted world and escape by his power the corruption that is in the world caused by our evil desires.

 For this very reason because of these great promises, the power of his Holy Spirit, we ought to make every effort to meditate day and night on his holy word to be sanctified Jn 17:17, perusing the 8 qualities much needed in this life.

 They all start with faith in the work of the cross adding to faith goodness, to goodness knowledge, to knowledge self-control, to self-control perseverance, to perseverance godliness, to godliness brotherly kindness, to brotherly kindness love.  

 Possessing those qualities in increasing manner as our days go by, will keep us from being ineffective and unproductive in the knowledge of Jesus Christ becoming all the more eager to make our calling and elections sure, this is the only way to never fail God in this life on this earth, the testing arena for man before the final crown.

 Pursuing after those quality will assure our salvation and will receive a rich welcome at the end of our lives on earth into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 2Pet 1:3-11, Mt 25:34-46, Rev 20:11-15, Rev 21:1-8.   

September 7/2009

The Lord woke me up at 4:30 am in a dream.  He gave me explanations of things and in a split moment.   My understanding came by way of a phrase.  The  phrase was: Now God is offering Man eternal life in Christ, and all men can go to heaven now, and no one is destined to go to hell except by their own decision to remain in sin.  For all who remain in Adam will never see God.  Then I said please let me sleep a little more today because it is labor day so that I can go to work little late; but for two hours I could not get back to sleep, but I was hammered with the phrase, so I decided at 6:30 to get up and go to prayer and meditation as usual but this time I began writing down what God told me he would reveal to me.

He started to say words in my heart and I was writing them down as follows: All those who remain in the body of flesh, pleasing themselves and their body; when their body dies, will remain in the grave till the last resurrection, while their soul and spirit will be tormented in hell, then at the last resurrection the body will be raised immortally and be united with his soul and spirit, judged and thrown into hell for ever tormented where their worm never die, and the fire is not quenced.  But I the Lord am not pleased with the death of the wicked man, but wanting that he repents before the death of the body which is appointed to every man the day of their death then judgment.

The Lord our God is the King of Kings over the entire universe and to Him belongs all power, and He delegates to every individual a task in the earth to be done as he as determined to be done. To the devil too, He has assigned a task and delegated him the power of death and destruction but under God’s supervision, he the devil can only do to man what God has determined to be done, and can only bring an excuse of death to every man when is the time determined by God to go.  The day of death of every man is written and determined by God.

Know that when God created man He created him like himself and for Himself, and gave to man the power over the birds of the air, the fish of the sea and the cattle of the field; He gave the power to man over all creation and all creation is subjected to man.  He also gave man the knowledge of good and evil.  But decision had to be made by Adam before God could offer every man eternal life; because God loves and desires worship from his creature from a pure heart in Spirit and Truth. He created good and evil and give man the power to know good and evil so man would have a choice and experience God's love for man and so chose to love God from the heart in spirit and truth. In this lay the secret of this present life if we get to understand this paradox of good and evil, and chose to love Jesus the giver of life we will receive the ticket for haven and the new life.

So God created the man Adam and placed him in the garden and permitted the tempter to test him and drive the man into decision. God knew man choise and that was to disobey God's command.

Therefore one man was created and tested and was known to become a sinner, and through him all man was be born in sin, and be wanderers on the earth, lost, helpless and in need of a Savior.  Thus Cain is the representation of all us sinners who killed his brother Abel and became the first wanderer in the earth, marked by God so no one will kill him, for God set his time for repentance, so in the time he would live had the chance to seek and may find the Savior, if he would seek Him with all of his hearth. Thus Abel represents the Lamb that was slain before the foundation of the world.  When Cain killed innocent Abel and spills his blood on the earth, that blood represents the blood of all innocent lambs killed till the Lamb of God would come to be killed and have His blood spilled on the earth and His blood speaks better then the blood of Abel.  He Christ came to his own brothers and his own brothers did not receive Him but killed Him, adding to the sins of their fathers; but it was planed by God that through the hands of sinners Christ should die.

The reason Jesus was born Man was so he would die as a sacrifice to God for the sins of all man, so that all man will have the chance to see God. Being that God was not pleased with the sacrifices offered of lambs bulls and goats, God prepared a body for his Son His only Son, the only pleasure of God accepted from man in sacrifice of praises to Him. Thus by one man, the first man Adam sin came into the world and all man are born sinners and all who remain in Adam will die and go to hell where the devil, the tempter is destined to go in the end of time, just before God will re-create this heaven and this earth through the fire into new heaven and new earth. For the devil till that time determined by God will remain the tempter and tester of all man till the end of time.  But also God is offering to man at the same span of their time on this earth to every individual personally the gift of eternal life by the last Adam, Christ who died for our sins but also rose the third day for our justification.  For all who receive Christ’s sacrifice of the cross and remain in Christ till the end of their lives will receive eternal life with God Jesus and the Holy Spirit in the new heaven and new earth, for this present heaven and earth are reserved for the fire.  For everyone: white, black and yellow; of every race kindred and nations whom ever he or she is, that will accept Christ sacrifice as their own sacrifice, will be adopted by God as son and thus made ready by the Holy Spirit whom God will send in the heart of everyone who loves, kisses and worship his Son Jesus. And also be kept ready by the same Spirit of Grace till the end of their lives to receive the crown of life ether at death or at the rapture.

Blessed and Holy is he who has part in the first resurrection of the body which will occur at the rapture.  Over such the second death has no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with Him a thousand years, and at the end of the thousand years enter the new heaven and new earth where there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying, nor pain, for the former things have passed away. There God will be with man forever and ever there shall be no more time for it is forever and ever, the desire and plan of God since the beginning of time.   

Do not think this is my wisdom for my joy is in knowing that this is God’s wisdom and is in his wisdom that I rejoice, this has been given to me to alert us to be prepared for His Son soon coming, for He wants no one to be left behind.  Those words are spoken to me before they will come to you.  We must know that His love and grace is as high as the heaven to the earth, his love for us is genuine.  We are His reflection.
Danny Cianciulli

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