(Paragraph #39)
God through Abraham made a nation for himself, the people of God in the faith of Abraham, for the Seed to come. That Seed is Christ Gal 3:16; he is the savior of all men, so no one can make mistake on who the Messiah is, for salvation is of the Jew, and there is no other Savior that must come, nor is there any other name under heaven given to men by which we maybe saved Jn 4:22, Act 4:12. Jesus is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the One who spoke face to face with Moses and said: my name is I Am who I Am and I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion Mt 1:21, Lk 1:31-33, Ex 3:5-15, Rom 9:14-24.
God kept the genealogy for the Seed to come through Judah to David Mt 1:1-3, Ge 49:8-12.
But by Moses He give the law to all men so they could be kept till the Seed would came and start to invade the hearts of men, transforming them back in the real image of God. Otherwise men would have killed themselves Gal 3:19-25.
(Paragraph #40)

The law was the shadow of things to come and not the reality themselves. In Jesus are hidden all the treasures God has promised to men. During his days on earth Jesus offered up prayers and petitions to God with loud cries and tears, and he was heard, for he rose from the dead. He learned obedience from what he suffered and became a source of salvation for all those who obey him and was designated by God to be high priest in the order of Melchizedek=Jesus meet with Abraham and blessed him Ps 110:1-7, Heb 10:1, 7:1-22, 5:5-10. God through the nation of Israel fulfilled the promises made to Abraham and all men; and also to destroy all his enemy, the seven nations that rejected Him after the flood, which are a type of seven major sins that rule the heart of men, occupying the promises land. Ge 12:1-3, 15:16, Lev 18:26-28, Dt 9:4, 18:12. Gods nation still exist today, and that is the Church, the body of Christ who has been given authority to drive evil spirits out of men and heal them all. The Church is the kingdom of God on this Earth, who is called to conquer the land, and overthrow the enemy of God and of our soul, which is the devil, for the promise land is our body, which is Gods temple.

Col 1:24 to 3:17, Eph 2:11-22, Lk 10:1-24, Mt 28:16-20, Mk 16:15-18, 1Cor 3:16, Lk 12:22-34.
(Paragraph #41)

God brought the nation of Israel into Egypt and out of Egypt whit great wealth, into the desert to test and to make them, from there into the promise land where he spoke to them through all the prophets about the Messiah to come till John, the last of the prophets.

When the time fully came Jesus was born, just as it was spoken by the prophets,

Isa 7:14, Mat.1:22, Lk 24:25-27, Gal 4:4-7.

We must know and understand that to Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac and other sons are born Ge 22:24, 25:1-6, but in Isaac is the promised Seed. To Isaac, Esau and Jacob was born. Yet God said: Jacob I loved, Esau I hated; because salvation is not by works but by God who calls. Jacob is the father of the twelve patriarchs, and from them the Christ is traced, who is God over all, he is the Seed through whom He would bless the whole earth Mal 1:2-5, Rom:1to10:13.
(Paragraph #42)

Through the life story of Josephs dreams, trouble, hardship, temptation and famine in the entire known world; and with the countries that went to buy grain in Egypt; God brought Jacob and his sons into Egypt Ge 46:1-27. After Joseph and his brothers and all that generation died, and because they had multiplied greatly and fill the whole land.

When later a new king came to power in Egypt who did not know about Joseph;

he stirred up the people against the Israelites for they had greatly increased; he dealt with them shrewdly oppressing them Ex 1. But 430Y later God sent Moses to deliver them out of bondage into the desert for God to recreate them Gal 3:17. After he gives the law through Moses, by Joshua they entered the promise land. Since then they had deliverers, priest, kings and prophets; they all spoke or pointed with their lives to the Messiah to come to earth to pay the price for the sins of all men. The lambs they sacrificed for years pointed to the Messiah to come, the prophet like unto Moses, the One who in one day will put away with the sins of his people, the Prince of peace, the Mighty God, the desire of all nations. Lk 24:27, Ge 3:15, Nu 21:9, Dt 18:15, Isa 7:14, 9:6, 40:10-11, 53:all, Eze 34:23, Da 9:24, Mic 7:20, Mal 3:1, Hag 2:6-9, Jn 1:45.

(Paragraph #43)
Jesus is that man, for He is the one who came by water and blood. He did not come by water only, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit who testifies, because the Spirit is the truth. For there are three that testify: the Spirit, the Water and the Blood; and the three are in agreement. Jesus came to earth to sign a new covenant in his blood with his people 1Jn 5:6-12, Mt 26:28, 1Cor 11:23-26, a covenant, different from the first; for if there had been nothing wrong with that first covenant, no place would have been sought for another. But God found fault with the people and said: The time is coming, when I will make a new covenant with you, but it will not be like the first one that I made with your fathers, for they did not remain faithful to me and I turned away from them; but under the new covenant I will put my laws in their minds and write them on their hearts; for I will forgive their sins and remember them no more. Jesus is that man who signed a new covenant in his blood with God and men; he is the one in whom we can delight for he lives and is coming back again; but before He comes, Elijah must come first to turn the hearts of the people to God; for truly the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers are the voices who speak from God on earth; to built up the body of Christ; so when He comes will not strike the land with a curse; that is not the land earth but our body.
Ger 31:29-37, Eze 11:18-20, 36:24-29, Heb 8:7-13, Mal 3:1, 4:5-6, Mt 11:10-19, Zec 5, Eph 4:1-16. 

(Paragraph  #44)

  After about 400 years of silence and not a word from God; John the Baptist came in the desert of Judea saying: Repent for the kingdom of God is near, prepare the way for the Lord, and while he was on the other side of the Jordan baptizing one day, he give witness to those who asked him who he was saying: I am not any  of the prophets, nor the Messiah, but I am only a voice of one calling in the desert saying: Make straight the way for the Lord for I baptize you in water in preparation of him; but He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, Look! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the whole world. The reason I baptize in water is that he maybe revealed to you. And John is the Elijah that had to come, he came to pave the way for the Messiah, John represents all of us, for we are called to pave the way for Jesus to come and live in the heart of men and women today.

The work of the church is to prepare all of us to meet Jesus when he comes at the rapture so our body will not be cursed; thats the reason why John said He must increase and I must decrease,
Mat 3:1-12, Jn 1:29, Mt 11:14, Jn 3:22-36, Lk 7:18-35.
(Paragraph  #45)  
We must know that in the last days God will empower people with the same Spirit of Elijah and John; with His Holy Spirit who will empower all those who are ready to preach and speak the word of God with authority and power piercing mens hearts Act 1:8, Rev 10:1-11, 11:1-14. John did not invent the name Lamb, it is coming from years of teaching and revelation from the forefathers, starting from Adam, Abel, Seth, Noah, Job, Abram, Isaac, Jacob, who was called Israel the name of Gods nation Ge 32:22-32, and from Judah his son derives the name of the Jewish people, the ancestor of the Messiah Ge 49:8-12; then through Moses God delivered his people from the bondage of Egypt, and in that very day God instituted the Passover Lamb, Ex 12:1-30, Lev 4: 27-35, Dt 16:3, Jn 1:29, 1Cor 5:7-8.

(Paragraph  #46)  

 They sacrificed lambs in the desert till Joshua who introduced them into the promises land and restored them there; he is the type of Jesus who will conquer and restore to us our promise land, which is our body.

After the death of Joshua they mixed with the nations that God order them not to do so, but to drive them out which they did not, instead their gods whom they served became a snare to them Jdg 2:1-5.The church has done the same, after Jesus died and went to heaven, the religions Invented by devils have come to replace the Holy Spirit, and now the church is as the world. Act 20:25-38,

But even so, God rose up judges, who saved them out of the hands of those raiders.

 But when the judge died, the people returned to ways even more corrupt. The Lord said: because they have violated my covenant and did not listen to me, I will use their enemy to test them and see whether they will keep the way of the Lord to serve me Jdg 2:16-23. Until Samuel who was deliverer priest and prophet; it is in the time of Samuel they asked for a king like the other nations. First God instructed them what the king will do, then he give them what they want 1Sa 3:19-21, 8:1-9; until David the sweet singer of Israel, the man after Gods own heart, to David God promised that on his throne will be seating the Messiah for ever; who is the King of kings and Lord of lords 2Sa 7:12-16, Act 2:22-36. Salomon built the temple to the Lord, and God filled with his glory 1Ki 6:1, 8:1-9:9.

All the prophets spoke of Jesus till John, all were anointed by the Holy Spirit who empower them for a specific task then leave, till Jesus come the Son of the promise who fulfilled all prophesies. Mt 11:2-6, 5:17, Lk 24:44. 

(Paragraph #47)

When Jesus said: destroy this temple and in 3 days I will raise it again, meaning his body and his church Jn 2:19 Act 7:48-50, 17:24-28, for this last temple has far more glory then the first temple Hag 2:6-9, 2Cor 3:7-18, through the gospel and in his Church God power and glory is manifested. Isa 60:1-22, Rom 1:14-17, 3:19-31.

God dueled in Christ reconciling men to himself and now through the church his body, God is reconciling the world through Christ to himself. 2Cor 5:17, 6:2.

(Paragraph #48)

We must understand that after Adam sinned, God withdrew his physical presence from him, but left His Holy Spirit striving with men till Ge 6:3 when they sinned again and he toke the Spirit away and started to unfold to men His plan of salvation to return to live inside of men and with men again so they could serve and obey him with all of their hearts, so God could be pleased with men till their testing time would be over.

The Holy Spirit has helped people through out every generation; under the old covenant he helped men by the prophets; under the new covenant when all things fulfilled in Christ, He did it by sending at Pentecost the Holy Spirit to live in the heart of men, to help them through trouble and infirmity, including those trouble caused by our own sins.  Isa 53:3-6, Jn 16:5-16. For we must know that after Adam sinned, God cut a piece of time out of eternity and give to men born in their testing time to repent in their generation and go back to God; he did it at 1st by the prophets. Then after Jesus came he sent the Holy Spirit so time of refreshing can come to our soul; and be kept till the end of our lives, even till he would restore all things, when God will be all in all. But first he must put his entire enemy under his feet; the last one to be destroyed is death and the devil that has the power of death.  But yet at present we dont see everything subject to him; we look to Jesus till our testing time is over, and walk by faith in him; knowing that God has reconciled all thinks in Christ to himself, not imputing men their sins.

 1Cor 15:20-28 Heb 2:5-18, Act 3:21, Col 1:15-23.

(Paragraph #49)

God called Abraham so he could bring back his desire to live in man, for it is written: (Abraham believed God and was counted to him as righteousness). All those who have the faith of Abraham will be blessed in his Seed, and it will be counted to them as righteousness in Christ. Ge 15:6, Rom 4:16-25, Act 13:38-39, 1Cor 1:30, 2Cor 5:21. God was not satisfied to speak to one man the prophet and he would speak to the people. He wanted to speak to every man personally; for in the Old Testament God spoke to Moses and the prophets and they spoke to the people till Christ came, when God spoke to us through his Son Jesus who is the heir of all things.

Jesus who died for our sins, rose from the dead for our justification, ascended into heaven to intercede for us; and he send the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, the Counselor, God with us; so he can speak with us in a personal way; what a power what an honor, the trinity living inside of us. Dt 18:15, Jn 14:22-31, Heb1:1-3, Act 2:32-33, Rom 8:26-27, Rev 3:20. 

(Paragraph #50)
God promise is fulfilled, now he can speak personally to you and me by his Holy Spirit who lives inside of us. This can only take place after a man has realized that he is a sinner, and cannot save himself, and will say: I need a Savior, I am lost. As soon that man will repent whole heartedly and plea to God in the name of Jesus confessing his sins to him from a sincere heart, believing by faith in the sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross.  Immediately he will become born again and the Holy Spirit of God will come and make an abode inside of him. It is like when you are in a court room: if you want to be justified you must present clear evidence to the judge to pardon you. So it is with God, but what evidence do you have, your righteousness? That is just as good as fealty rags. He will only accepts Jesus blood and righteousness, so give God the only clear evidence that he gave freely to all of us, and you shall be pardoned and for ever forgiven; your sins for ever  forgotten, and his wrath shall for ever be lifted up from your head!

 Joel 2:12-14, Jn 14:23, Rom 10:4-15, Act 2:38-39, Isa 64:6, Jn 3:16, 36.

 (51)The desire of God since the fall of Adam is now fulfilled God again has came to live in men, it was his desire, as the prophet said �God with us�Isa 7:14, Mt 1:23.

The Holy Spirit is living here on earth in the heart of men and women that are born again, they are the ones that makes the true church of Jesus Christ on this earth, where the glory of God is manifested and sinners are saved and are sanctified by the Holy Spirit trough his holy word, 2Tes 2:13-17.

The thru church is the hospital for our soul, we desperately need to be hospitalized, so we can be cured of all our diseases; the world problem is not terrorism but sin in the heart of men and women. The Holy Spirit wants and must live inside of us, to lead us into truth and a righteous life; to deliver us from all our trouble, problem and the anxiety of life; to give us peace in the midst of a troubled world; to let this little light of our shine in this dark world; to help us to be a real witness to those who are perishing; to call our brothers and sisters back to God, for all things are ready and the table is spread; to reconcile this world to God in Christ, for he made Christ to be sin for us, so that in him we might became the righteousness of God. As God fellow workers we urge everyone to receive God�s grace, for today is the day of his favor for us, the day of his salvation, 2Cor 5:18-6:2.

 (52) Finally he the Holy Spirit wants to live inside of us, so he can lead us into an everyday living that it will be pleasing to God till the end of our days on this earth, for then to bring us into glory. The Holy Spirit is in his church today to build a house for God, a monument of praises and glory, for God inhabits the praises of his people. Know that we are all made for each others, in every gift, talent, characteristic and ability; so give him the glory in everything you do in this life for we are his workmanship created by him to do good works, and to stir up the faith of millions around about our lives.

Rom 13:1-7, Eph 4:11-13, 1Pet 2:4-12.  

God is with us and in the true Church, and so it will be till the rapture for thereafter he shall take us to heaven, to see his glory, for that is Jesus desire 2Tes 4:16-18,  Jn 17:24.

(53) And we will be in heaven for three and half years, were God will give us our reward, assignments and positions, that we will be occupying on earth during the 1000 years which they will begin on the 3rd return just before the battle of Armageddon, when Jesus will return with his saints. He will step down on mount of olive and go into the great battle of God Almighty, which will be the 3rd world war, �Armageddon�, previously gathered by the three evil spirits; 1Cor 3:10-15, 2Cor 5:10, 2Tim 4:8, Zac 14:3-9, Rev 19:11-21, Rev 16:12-16.

After the battle of Armageddon, the devil too will be locked up into the abyss for 1000 years, where the beast and the false prophet had previously thrown; and we will reign with him on this earth for 1000 years as the earth is now, we will reign over the rest of the people left on this earth after the rapture who toke the mark of the beast, they will still procreate during the 1000 years and are those children who have the chance to repent, that is why the scripture says that a child who dies 100 will die young.  Rev 19:19-21, Rev 20:1-4, Isa 65:20.

  (54) The 1000 years are for the reason of God�s righteous judgments and proof to men, that if the heart is not changed by his Holy Spirit today, it will never change, in this life is our chance, after death there is no chance 2Cor 6:2.  For after the 1000 years this earth will be burned with fire, purified and made new; and all God�s people will be there, and God�s physical presence will be with men for ever and ever in the new heaven and new earth; for the proof has been obvious in the 1000 years, for if our hearts are not given to him today, after the rapture it is impossible, 2Pet 3:5-7,13,  Rev 21:1-3, Rev 20:7-10. 

 ( 55)  God�s plan is stated prophetically in Noah�s Ark Ge 6:9-8:22; eight people were saved through the water, this water symbolize the baptism that now saves us, but it saves us by the pledge of a good conscience toward God. It saves us by faith in the resurrection of Christ, who now is in heaven at the right hand of God. For when we are baptized in water, we are declaring: �I die to self and the world.� Coming out of the water we declare: �The life I live now is for Christ who loved me so much that He died for me�

1Pet 3:17-22, Act 2:38-39, Gal 2:20.

 (56)  Noah after 40 days sent at first the raven, but he returned for all was under God�s judgment, then he send Dove to see if the water had receded from the ground, but the Dove could not fine were to rest its feet, so it returned to the ark; this represent the old testament time when God was anointing men for that task, or in his life period then leave, and go choose someone else. Seven days later he send the dove out again the second time, but when the Dove returned to him that evening it had a freshly plucked olive leaf in its beak; Noah knew that the water had receded from the earth; this time represent Jesus ministry on earth, when God lived in Christ; when judgment ended and grace started Jn 14:8-11, 1:14.

Noah waited seven more days and send the Dove out again for the third time and it never returned, for the Dove found where to rest its feet; this represents the time of the church when Jesus sent the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and the whole world since then is under God�s grace till Jesus returns the 2nd time at the rapture Act 2:1-4, Mt 21:33-41, 8:10-12.

 (57) The Holy Spirit is moving in the church, who is the voice of God on earth, who�s crying out to men: �we implore you on Christ�s behalf: be reconciled to God in this time of grace, for God made Christ who had no sin to be sin for us, so we might become the righteousness of God in Christ� Rev 22:17, 2Cor 5:20-21.

Be reconciled now! before that dreadful day of the Lord shall come, for thereafter shall be wrath up on the people who are left behind, followed by the 1000Y of reign of Christ, the proof of God�s righteousness, thereafter all things shall be destroyed by fire, even the earth will be burned and a new world is introduced to us, where will be peace and joy, there will be no death, no pain, no sorrow, for God will be there with man forever!

 Isa 24:21-23 Zep 1:14to2:3, Lk 21:20-23, 32-36, Rom 1:18-32, 2Pet 3:1-18, Rev 21:1-8 

(58)But to those who do not obey and turn back to God shall remain a dreadful day when God will judge all man by Jesus Christ according to our deeds, and believe you me; no one will be able to save himself by his deeds, for our deeds are just as good as fealty rags before the Lord Isa 64:6 our destiny then will by hell forever! The home of the devil and the fallen angels Rom 2:1-16, Rev 20:11-15, you might ask: what will all those people do there in a small place called Paradise? Paradise! It sounds good I will take it; but hell!

I sow fire there in the vision the Lord Showed me in march of 1996, I sow all kinds of people there great and small, young and old, rich and poor, priest and teacher of the law, pastors and deacons, false prophets and evangelist and all workers who worked for themselves and not for God.

I saw there that the worm will never die, nor the fire will ever be quenched. I do not understand why people will choose to go there and refuse an offer such as this: to just believe the work that God has done.

Confess Jesus as lord of their life, and they too shall have the word of faith near them, in their mouth and in their hearth. I say it is better to obey the Lord�s command and take Jesus the giver of eternal life.  Mt 7:21-23, Lk 13:22-30, Isa 66:24, Mk 9:48, Rom 10:5-13.

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