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Step 1  Join a Rotator if you do not have a reliable one Click Here, you can stay free or upgrade for 9$ per year- or you can use the one in AIOP if you are with AIOP Task Force Echo Team. (You create a rotator only if your program uses the One-Up Pay-plan)

- Once you have create a rotator place your referral link in the rotator and you will get a rotator link with number1. 
- Go loginto the autotrsponder if you have one and riplace your referral link with the rotator link you just created, and as you get referrals add them into the rotator.

- Big reason to have a rotator with AIOP (one-up system) It comes with a unique rewarding system not seen anywhere else. When I promote on my behalf, I get paid 100 percent only for each 1,3,5,7 (odd) paid referrals. So will you.

When I help YOU to receive your 1st or 3rd... Your upgrade is paid and you will keep your subscription.

Now when i keep promoting our team, I will get paid 100 percent for each 2,4,6,8.. (even) paid members of yours.  So no matter, we both win, while I promote for the TEAM.

You could do just the same for your referrals, i can provide you with your own team splash from AIOP, which comes with your upgrade at AIOP.   Promoting a team of six members is efficient, and will boost every team member’s sales!   WIN WIN for all of us.  If you do not know how to do all this I will do it for you just email me.

Step 2  Join TAB TrafficAdBar Click this Link Here if you are a member no need to re-join 

Step 3  Login to TAB TrafficAdBar click tab on top left ”Advertising” place your referal link you have from your website and create your ad.

Step 4  TAB TrafficAdBar  gives you a special link similar to this:  

Step 5  Join any or all AutoSurfers listed on this page below, use different email other than your main one.

Step 6  Place the TAB TrafficAdBar special link similar to his Into a Domain if you have one, if not just advertise the special TAB link in the auto surfers, traffic exchanges, safelist, banners, text ads and what you been using.

I also advise you to create tracking links in AIOP or in other tracking website you have with eny of your referral links, you will get one like this  this also you can advertise everywere on TE and you can get personal signups in AIOP.

Step 7  Start the auto surfers and you will earn credits free credits for TAB TrafficAdBar  and you will get hits and signups from TAB or any other place you are advertising your domain or the TAB link you created similar to this

Step 8  You can also surf TAB TrafficAdBar manually for 10 min per day it will not hurt

Note  if you are member of eny of my sites NO need to re-join use your link with my method it works

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