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Colonel Robert Morris is a good friend of mine and to several in the entertainment industry.  A couple of months ago, the Colonel suffered a heart attack which left him on oxygen with medications alone in the $600 range each month.  This does not include return visits to the doctor, living expenses and so on.  

 In lieu of doing a live benefit, as it would take too much time and his care is on-going, we thought it would be best to do an EBAY auction.  Celebrities can donate autographed items for sale, as well as friends of the Colonel's.  The product will then be put up for bid and the money from the auction, minus shipping expenses, will be sent directly to the Colonel's paypal account.

People may also make donations directly to the Colonel's paypal account by clicking on the paypal link (Make a Gift to Colonel Robert Morris below), selecting send a gift and putting in his email at [email protected] and the gift will go directly to him.  Feel free to send a message with it and let him know you are thinking of him.

 For a little history on Colonel Robert Morris, visit his home page listed below, or his other sites.  He is also in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame which is linked to his sites and has other awards and achievements.  Of the many great things the Colonel has had the opportunity of doing, co-writing with one of America's living bluegrass legends, Charlie Louvin, is one of his favorites.  He and Charlie are friends to this day.

 Among auction items we have pledges on the way from Conway Twitty's daughter, Joni, some items autographed by living legend Dolly Parton, some by Country singer/songwriter sensation, Tresa Street and maybe a few items from Bluegrass living legend, Charlie Louvin.   The Colonel has even agreed to donate items from his years in the music business.  There will be others down the line.  Check back to find out when and how to bid on the items.  We will be adding auction winners and those who make donations to this page as a thank you.

 For further information, contact Caylan Hascall at [email protected] or you can look me up at my MySpace page at .

Thank you for your participation.



NEWS:  We just put our first item up for auction from Colonel Robert's own collection.  His own Rockabilly Drumsticks!  You can bid by going to

This is a great item for any collection!

NEW ITEM ON EBAY!  Autographed DOLLY PARTON album "My Tennessee Mountain Home.  To bid, go to be generous....







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