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Hello my Name is Brian Adamkowski I Have a Question? Are you interested in changing YOUR LIFE? You really can! Do you know that a great opportunity exists in providing WHOLE FOOD Supplements to Humanity? As I BEGAN MY JOURNEY into this I discovered some EYE ALARMING FACTS! 1. Our soil is depleted and does not provide the nutritional value it once did 2. Our World is EXTREMELY TOXIC...chemicals...pollution...pesticides 3. Our stress levels are increasing...Life is speeding up...Information Overload 4. Our foods are increasingly becoming processed and genetically modified... GMO FOODS 5. OUR Foundations of life have been eroded from Natures perfection You can make changes and overcome this: 1. Buy Organic foods when possible 2. Eat Whole foods as nature designed with minimal processing 3. Supplement with Whole Food supplements 4. Get Adequate rest and recreation 5. Drink Pure water Make a quality decision to Change! Consider Essante Organics! I am currently looking for 5 People who want to join my team! as of 1.1.14 have lost 45 lbs. YOU REALLY CAN DO THIS TOO! IF YOU ARE LIKE MOST PEOPLE YOUR NEEDS ARE : more Health...more Wealth...more Time and last Destiny Control...Which One are YOU?? call/text me let's chat!!! YOU HAVE A Future. 717 370 1236 Your Desire and with a little effort you will Create Success!

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