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Hello my Name is Brian Adamkowski I Have a Question? Are you interested in changing YOUR LIFE nutritionally? How about your Children or Loved Ones? You really can do something if you SEIZE this moment in TIME! Do you know that a Great Wave is Now Manifesting for marketing Toxic Free %100 ORGANIC PRODUCTS? Thomas Edison said that "The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease"
 and with the cost of Healthcare You and I can't Afford to be SICK! DO NOT MISS THIS! TIMING is Crucial and Now is the Time! As I BEGAN MY JOURNEY I discovered some Alarming facts about our Food and Organic and Non GMO FOODS! All Organic is not always %100 Orga


nic and Wild Crafted! The U.S.D.A. sticker you see at the Grocery Store or Market is not telling the Whole Story...there are loopholes and exemptions! And IT IS ONLY GETTING WORSE as Time PASSES! With the inclusion of more GMO Foods/NON Natural Foods being Created by Big Agriculture YOU and I must ACT NOW! Natures Way is the BEST way AND THE WAY the Creator meant it TO BE!

1. OUR Soil is depleted and does not provide the nutritional value it once did BECAUSE we "rape the land" by working it too much!

2. OUR World is EXTREMELY TOXIC...chemicals...pollution...pesticides ETC.
3. OUR Stress levels are increasing...Life is speeding up...WE LIVE IN A PRESSURE COOKER!...Information Overload! OUCH! ADMIT IT somedays YOU Feel SPENT!
4. OUR foods are increasingly becoming processed and genetically modified...GMO FOODS
5. OUR Foundations of Life have been eroded from their Natural Order!
6. OUR 24/7 World causes many to have a Sleep Deficit!
You can Change and WIN:
1. Buy Organic foods when possible
2. Eat Whole foods as nature designed with minimal processing and chemicals
3. Supplement with Whole Food supplements
4. Get Adequate rest and recreation
5. Drink Pure water...Make a Quality Decision and Change! 
6. ELIMINATE Toxic Cleaning and Personal Care Products from Your Life and Home!

Consider Essante Organics! %100 Toxic free and Organic and Wild Crafted!

A.better Health

B.increased Wealth

C.more Control of Your Life working from Home
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